About us


Founded in 2002, we at INSUMED have been devoted to developing and marketing nutritional concepts and tailored products for more than a decade. We have had great success in the fields of metabolic therapy of malnourished patients, while helping to improve both the physical and mental performance of persons with increased nutritional requirements such as athletes and the elderly.

Our company’s name INSUMED derives from ‘insulin’ and ‘medicine’. It stands for the original focus of our commercial activities. Prior to widening our field of expertise, we provided consulting services and nutritional support to individuals suffering from obesity and its secondary complications, e.g. diabetes.
Since its inception, a tight-knit network of dedicated medical doctors has built up INSUMED in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Switzerland. The members of our network are physicians with expertise and specialist training in nutritional medicine, health promotion and prevention of disorders. INSUMED dieticians are renowned for their innovative approach to nutritional medicine, their outstanding level of expertise in relevant fields and their wealth and depth of experience.

INSUMED’s nutritional concepts and its range of tailored products are supplied exclusively by our professional network of dedicated doctors. INSUMED continually invests in the further development and optimisation of its product line. In order to offer exceptional service to its clients, the company works closely with authorities from a wide variety of different professions including physicians, hospital professionals, nutritionists, diabetes experts and food technologists. Their tried and tested expertise is essential to the further optimisation of all nutritional concepts and products offered by INSUMED.

Training events ensure that INSUMED nutritional physicians are informed on a regular basis about recent scientific advances in relevant fields. Seminars, training days and quality control events take place around Germany and are promoted by the INSUMED Academy.

Together with our consultants, we aim to raise awareness among patients for nutritional concepts and the importance of healthy living. We are fully committed to playing our part in positively influencing the lives of our clients and offer comprehensive support in the treatment of disorders such as malnutrition and type 2 diabetes.