Comprehensive body analysis using cutting edge BIA diagnostics

BIA measurement

Bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) is a scientifically proven method by which the specific composition of an individual’s body may be determined. The basis for this is the different levels of conductivity present in the various forms of tissues and fluid.

BIA diagnostics are carried out by using a special device mounted to the individual’s skin and an electrode passing a weak alternating current through the body. The levels of resistance to the current are measured by the BIA device. Needless to say, the current voltage has been passed safe and is unnoticeable to the patient.

From the specific electrical resistance levels demonstrated by the body to the current we can obtain specific data relating to the calculation of body size and weight. We can also provide the patient with comprehensive analysis of his/her individual body composition – water, fat mass, lean mass, cell mass – and his/her basal metabolic rate. While body water and lean body mass are easily determined, fat content, however, particularly in patients carry extra weight, may be calculated inaccurately when using conventional methods. Our cutting edge BIA diagnostics use Biavector® and Biagram® technologies to yield a comprehensive body analysis of our patients.

Resulting from both initial and ongoing BIA measurement, information can be provided pertaining to the level of active body cell mass, thus facilitating the detection of any deficiencies in the patient’s basal metabolic rate. Especially during the course of a patient’s diet plan, extra caution must be taken to ensure that muscle mass is retained at all times and that the patient’s body is able to metabolise the energy reserves present in fat mass. BIA diagnostics are, thus, essential to our scientific approach to effective, permanent weight loss, not simply in nutritional medicine.

BIA measurement considers the following key issues in dieting:

• Does the patient possess sufficient cell mass for effective fat burning?
• Are there any issues of obesity and type 2 diabetes? (sarcopenic obesity)
• Are the patient’s levels of hydration disturbed?
• Is there a mismatch of extracellular mass and active body cell mass?
• Are there disproportions in the relation of fat mass to body cell mass?

In order to offer our patients the most comprehensive body analysis possible, we use the following BIA technologies:

• AKERN BIA 101 measurement analysis
• INSUMED’s specially developed AKERN BIA software