Guidance and expert training with the expertise of INSUMED

Esteemed colleagues,

a very warm welcome to our information site for doctors. Here you can get to know better our range of INSUMED nutritional concepts.

INSUMED provides nutritional concepts in three principal product lines:

• BASIC weight loss for obese patients

• BASIC PLUS weight loss and lowering insulin levels

• BESTFORM tailored to the needs of athletes and elderly to avoid catabolic conditions


INSUMED is fully committed to the following four key messages:

Highest quality products
Renowned experts in the fields of nutritional sciences, medicine and pharmalogical services have come together to develop INSUMED’s innovative, tailored range of nutritional products. All our products are manufactured exclusively in Germany and are subject to continuous, stringent quality control. INSUMED’s product range enables patients to enjoy a balanced diet – and, thus, lose weight effectively and healthily.

Intensively coached advisers
INSUMED attaches great importance to the highest standard of professional skills and interpersonal communication provided by our dieticians. All participating physicians have received extensive, and intensive, training in the field of nutritional medicine. INSUMED offers a training programme for participating doctors and will approach their patients’ requirements with a high level of empathy in order to provide them with the necessary physiological and physiological support.

Cutting edge diagnostics
All INSUMED consultants work with bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) in order to determine in high resolution the metabolic state of their patients. Innovative BIA diagnostics are a key component for individual consultation and tailored care for any individuals seeking dietary advice.

Research & development
The composition of INSUMED’s product range is regularly evaluated by an interdisciplinary panel of experts working in order to comply with the latest scientific findings. Current clinical studies by independent institutes have subjected the effects of INSUMED’s nutrition concept to the most rigorous of tests (please take a moment to consult the study carried out by the Medical University of Graz, Austria).

insumed_dr_manfred_claussenYours sincerely,

Dr. Manfred Claussen
Head of the INSUMED Academy