The INSUMED nutrition concept for obese patients

The INSUMED concept

This concept was developed by INSUMED doctors and nutritionists specifically for the advice and care of overweight people. It is based on the analysis of body composition by using the so-called BIA measurement (Bioelectric Impedance Analysis), professional nutritional advice and the use of specially approved products for the treatment of obesity.


The aim of the INSUMED concept is to achieve metabolically healthy and lasting weight loss:

• targeted reduction of body fat
• Avoidance of malnutrition
• Preservation of metabolically active body cell mass

The INSUMED concept has proven itself by widespread acceptance in a large number of patients. It is based on three core elements:

• Measure (measurement of body composition with BIA)
• Advise (regular diet counselling)
• Implementation (weight reduction through special products for the treatment of obesity)

The weight reduction is carried out continuously and slowly in four phases:

• Entry
• Intensive reduction (until attaining the individual target weight)
• Integration phase (reinforcement of reduction success)
• Stabilization phase (avoiding the Yo-yo effect)


Our long experience shows that diet damage and frustrating yo-yo effects can be avoided by this approach. Metabolic disorders, often associated with obesity (such as insensitivity of the muscles to insulin, excessive insulin levels and resulting risk factors), can be significantly improved.