The INSUMED concept

files/bilder/sonstige/insumed_frau_doktor.jpgThe INSUMED concept

Become slim and staying healthy. Permanently.

At INSUMED, we are dedicated to enabling people to lose weight and keep healthy at the same time. This is possible with the INSUMED nutritional concept, consisting of a thorough medical consultation, a fully-tailored individual nutrition plan and delicious liquid meals rich in protein.

INSUMED is not simply a weight-loss diet which yields quick successes. Rather, we help you to change your diet and eating habits permanently in order not only to lose weight, but also maintain your trim figure once the programme has been completed.

This is the reason why INSUMED is not available in pharmacies and drug-stores. A central component to our programme involves individual medical consultation with a dietician, a doctor dedicated to discussing with you which of our range of products best suits your needs and requirements. By doing this, we are able to prevent your body from going into malnutrition, one of the key factors behind the frustrating experience of yo-yo dieting.

Our international network includes 600 doctors in Germany, Austria and Hungary with specialist training in nutritional science and weight loss.

Our concept: measuring - consulting - taking action

In the course of your initial meeting with your personal INSUMED dietician, the composition of your body will be analysed using BIA measurement techniques, which ascertain your body's levels of fat and muscle mass. This scientifically proven, cutting-edge method of analysis offers insight into your body's nutritional state and fluid balance. Your results lay the foundations for drawing up the perfect diet plan for you and will provide you with a wealth of advice for your training plan.



Your personal INSUMED dietician will discuss in-depth the results of your measurement in a one-on-one consultation and the dietary recommendations that flow from the analysis. When establishing your nutrition plan, we take into account fully your own personal goals, your lifestyle and the practicalities of effective weight loss in your daily routine. Consultations take place weekly at first, followed by regular consultations throughout the programme. The cost of nutritional advice depends on your individual situation and will be calculated according to your individual requirements.


Taking action:
files/bilder/produkte/insumed_4x_trinknahrung.jpgNow it is time to put your nutrition plan into effect. Our INSUMED products will help you from week to week close in on your individual goals. Our range aims at effective, continued and long-term weight loss.

If - for whatever reason - it turns out to be difficult to follow the nutrition plan in your everyday life, your personal dietician will consult with you on how best to adjust your tailor-made plan to your requirements. Our consultants are experienced physicians specially trained and with a wealth of expertise in nutritional medicine. They are able to take into account the psychological aspects of nutrition. In the event of specific challenges to your weight loss plan, your INSUMED dietician will provide you with lots of helpful information and advice for overcoming setbacks.

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